About Us

Our Story

Parasyris Michalis – Jewellery Store

The jewellery store and jewellery workshop “Parasyris Michalis – Handmade Jewellery ” was founded in 2002, by Mr. Parasyris I. Michalis and since then follows a steady and successful course.

Mr. Parasyris has many years of experience as a craftsman in the field of jewellery and its creation, something that was a strong trigger for the implementation of the store.

He is always waiting for you in the store to find, or even create together, the piece of jewellery that suits you and achieve the best possible result!

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Our Goal

Giving value to the customers

His primary goal is for each client to discover the ideal piece of jewellery for them, depending on their own unique needs and desires, especially for important occasions such as weddings, engagements or christenings.

In addition undertakes the creation and repair of jewellery in the workshop, while giving value to the customers, with respect, great understanding and above all, by treating them with honesty. Over the years, substantial costumer relationships of appreciation and trust have been established, which last over time and which are constantly evolving.